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Rotary Drilling Series

Diameter : 6-1/4” (159mm) to 9” (229mm)

Single pass Depth : 30 ft (9m) & 40 ft (12m)

Multi pass Depth : 120 ft (36.5m) & 160 ft (48m)

Application :

Mining & Quarrying

The REL C650 Rotary Blast Hole drills are designed to drill clean holes of 6 1/4 inch (159mm) to 9 inches (229mm) diameter to a maximum depth of 120 ft (36.5m) using 30 ft (9m) long rods and 160 ft (48m) using 40 ft (12m) long rods. Our Blast Hole is available in three variants DH, DM, DI designed to deliver the required diameter hole based on your mining needs.


Rotary Drilling Series

Diameter : 9” (229mm) to 11” (279mm)

Single pass Depth : 35 ft (10.6m) & 55 ft (16.7m)

Multi pass Depth : 175 ft (53m) & 220 ft (67m)

Application :


The REL C750 Rotary Blast Hole Drill Machines is designed to drill holes ranging from 9 inches (229mm) to 11 inches (279mm). Our Blast hole drill is available in both Electric and Diesel Variants with two mast Options. The standard mast with a maximum single pass depth of 35 Feet and multipass depth of 175 Feet. The REL Super Maxx Mast with Maximum single pass depth of 55 Feet and Multipass depth of 220 Feet


Rotary Drilling Series

Diameter : 11" (279mm) to 13 3/4” (349mm)

Single pass Depth : 50 ft (15.2m)

Multi pass Depth : 200 ft (61m)

Application :


The REL C850 Super Maxx Blast Hole Drills are designed through Voice Of Customer-driven goals to perform in extremely difficult rock conditions that provide up to 70,000 to 99,000 lbs of bit load for 279 to 349 mm diameter hole applications.

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