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C625 H

C625H - Down the Hole Drills
  • The C625H Jack-less Down the hole drill is capable of drilling clean hole of the diameter of 4 1/2 -8 inch. The sturdy mast of the C625H delivers a single pass depth of 6 meters and a maximum depth of 30 meters.
  • The 900 CFM – 350 psi Compressor develops the necessary flushing velocity, improving drilling rate.
  • Purpose-built for hard strata conditions the C625H, DTH drilling machine is the right choice for Metal, Limestone, Dolomite and Aggregate open cast quarries and mines.
  • The C625H is optimized for higher productivity, with a reduced overall operating cost providing better returns.
  • The Horizontal and Vertical coverage along with angle hole and Horizontal drilling provides better pre-split and production drilling capabilities.
  • The Engine – Hydraulic bay is designed to with adequate space for easy serviceability.
  • The REL C625H is available with three Autonomous Package
    • Basic One touch
    • Fully Autonomous
    • Remotely Operated Fully Autonomous Packages
Drilling Diameter 4-1/2 to 8 inch 114 to 203 mm
Pipe Size 3-1/2 to 5 inch 89 to 127 mm
SP - Single Pass depth
Mast 19 ft 8 inch 6 m
MP - Multi Pass depth
Mast 5 POD 118 ft 36 m
Compressor 900 cfm – 350 psi 25.5 m3/min -24.1 bar
Pull Down Capacity 9000 lbs 4083 Kg
Pull Up Capacity 11000 lbs 4990 Kg
Feed Rate Rapid 196 ft/min 59.8 m/min
Rotary Torque 35400 in-lbs 4000 Nm
Rotary Speed 0 to 70 rpm
Engine 530 HP 395 kW
Undercarriage Triple Grouser with 450mm width & sufficient rollers
Ground Bearing pressure 14.5 psi 100 kPa
Speed in slope / Plain 0.9 / 1.86 mph 1.5 / 3.0 km/hr


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